More cashback
more impact

Up to 5% cashback from
thousands of merchants

Pay it forward

Donate your cashback to the charities of your choice

Plant a tree with every swipe

Top up to the nearest dollar
Pay with your debit card or contactless device and we'll round up the amount to the nearest dollar, planting a tree with every swipe.

Your charities, your impact

You can select from hundreds of charities based on the United Nations
17 Sustainable Development Goals


Browse thousands of charities based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in need of your support.


Find the causes that you want to support and add them to your profile. You can even add a charity which is not on our list.


Enter the percentage of cashback that you want to donate every month automatically.

4.Change Lives

Join thousands of people supporting charities and personal causes, helping to change the world.

Maximize your impact

Start a giving circle with friends, get more cashback and maximize your donation impact.

And best
of all it’s free!

Get approved in less than a minute and get started today on your journey to help us to change the world for the better.
Virtual cards are free and can be used with Google Pay and Apply Pay. Physical cards cost $5 per month.

Join our community

Whether you are a customer, developer, charity or investor, please join our Discord to give us feedback through our Alpha and Beta release schedule or follow us on Twitter.
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