Fully collateralized 1:1

KASH is backed by USDC the most trusted stablecoin in the market with $40 billion in circulation.

More details to be released in our Whitepaper

The easy way to earn

KASH USD generates cashback aggregated from the top DeFi protocols including Compound, Aave and Goldfinch
4.11% APY
9.23% APY
1.88% APY
1.23% APY
DEFI: Decentralized Finance

4.23% Cashback

Earn cashback (at a variable rate up to 5.00% APY *) on your balances by holding KASH in your wallet. No need to move your USDC from protocol to protocol.
$10 000
with cashback
$10 000
Average US Bank
savings rate

Works with 200+ wallets

KASH USD is compatible with more than 200 non-custodial Ethereum wallets.

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DeFi Safety & coverage protection

Kash diversifies the risk across multiple protocols by using a risk scoring methodology based on technical risk intelligence which is scored and algorithmically updated each day.

The Company also plans to integrate blockchain-based coverage against smart contract failure and technical risks.

The Protocol is in development, and will undergo multiple security audits.

Integrate KASH USD into your product
Kash is building a decentralized protocol designed to provide companies and developers with a stablecoin, which can be used for payments, remittance, or other financial services, integrating DeFi cashback into your product with just a few lines of code (SDK).

Join our community

Whether you are a customer, developer, or investor, please join our Discord to give us feedback through our Alpha and Beta release schedule or follow us on Twitter.

Kash 2.0 Roadmap

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*Returns are subject to market risks. Please read all third party Protocol documents carefully before depositing. The decision to deposit shall exclusively vest with the User and by exercise of his/her/it's independent discretion. Intellabridge, Kash, it's subsidiaries and affiliates shall not be held liable for any consequences thereof.
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