Security First. Always.

Our commitment to our customers is built on trust. We believe that security and data privacy are the foundations of achieving mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.

Security & Support you can trust

Security is our #1 priority
Protect your information and prevent unauthorized use
Privacy and protection
Your card funds are insured up to €100,000 EUR
Friendly support
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Your Yubikey, your crypto

Kash's integrated self-custody Web3Auth wallet with integrated biometric security provides secure and easy control over your crypto assets.

Secure access with YubiKeys

The YubiKey Bio Series is where Yubico’s hallmark hardware security meets a new user experience with fingerprint on device authentication.

The YubiKey Bio Series, built primarily for desktops, offers secure passwordless and second factor logins, and is designed to offer strong biometric authentication options.

Passwordless multi-factor authentication

Secure and convenient passwordless MFA login with the YubiKey Bio authenticator and biometric information using a fingerprint, with a PIN as a fallback.

Strong second factor authentication

Add a layer of protection on top of a password with the authenticator and the fingerprint verifying user identity.

Strong biometric security

Whenever a finger is presented to the YubiKey, a template is created and templates never leave the YubiKey.

Security by Web3Auth

We believe that security and data privacy are the foundations of achieving mainstream cryptocurrency adoption
Enabled by Multi-party computation (MPC) threshold cryptography
We marry great user experiences and cryptography to get the epitome of what an auth can provide for its applications.
Similar to multi-factor authentication flows, the Web3Auth Network progressively secures the user's key using multiple access points that they own.
Your privacy matters
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