Kash Treasury Exchange

Kash Treasury

For institutional investors, businesses and high-net-worth individuals
Web 3.0 Financial Services

Institutional Access
to DeFi Markets

We focus on delivering the best investment opportunities for our clients by helping to navigate the complex DeFi markets.

Efficient DeFi marketplace

Our decentralized financial trading platform’s goal is to provide easy market access to DeFi assets and liquidity pools.

Alternative investing

Kash Treasury digital end-to-end marketplace allowing our clients a simple and secure experience building and managing their DeFi portfolio.

Diversify your portfolio

Access unique investment offerings and diversify across asset classes and DeFi strategies.


Self-custody solution gives investors better access to DeFi assets generally not available with traditional custodial services.

TradFi Banking Services

Cash management services
ACH and Wire services
Mastercard card account
Coming Soon
Web 2.5 Financial Services

TradFi - DeFi Gateway

Kash works with best in class institutional-grade infrastructure to provide clients with a gateway from traditional finance to decentralized finance by connecting custodial TradFi solutions with DeFi compatible self-custodial wallets.

Our Clients

Kash Treasury is designed to provide institutions, corporates, businesses and investors with checking and investment accounts to easily and securely access DeFi investment strategies, manage treasury and digital asset operations with Web3Auth and institutional custodial services with Prime Trust.

Corporate investors

Portfolio managers

High-net-worth individuals

you can trust

We believe that security and data privacy are the foundations of achieving mainstream cryptocurrency adoption

Defence in Depth Strategy

We employ defense-in-depth as our information assurance strategy that provides multiple, redundant defensive measures in case a security control fails or a vulnerability is exploited.

Enterprise-Grade DDoS Protection & Firewall

We use Cloudflare, which is leading DDoS protection provider on the market. Cloudflare’s Web Application Firewall protects our users from emerging web threats.

Academia Time-Proven Encryption algorithms in use

We utilize only time- and research-proven cryptography algorithms within the application.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Through Web3Auth and separately within Kash application, you are able to setup multi-factor authentication for login and withdrawal operations.

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